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Chance for you (English)

The rain taps on the window
how long will you take shelter from the rain there?
although the place we’re heading for
will be right in front of our eyes soon

Oh yeah
if you’ll just look at the sky like that
I’ll become your umbrella so

Try and take that first step out
because a day called today can’t be caught ever again
your own chance for you

When the rain stops, before anyone else does
let’s go and find that rainbow
your dream continues in the clear sky forever

Oh yeah
without fear of getting hurt now
gather up courage and
try to live your own way
I’ll always be watching over your chance for you

When you’ve decided your heart, open up both hands and
with a heart full of
confidence and
try to live your own way
I’ll be watching right by your side, chance for you
you own chance for you

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